About this Blog

I became interested in Genealogy back in the late 1990’s when my oldest son needed a family tree for a school project. It was on that day I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about my family background or history.


One thing I have enjoyed is how readily people interested in family history will share what they know. This blog is my attempt to share what I know and document my progress as I peer into the murky past that is my family history.


3 comments on “About this Blog

  1. Stephen Slack says:

    Hello, my name is Stephen Slack and I live in Ontario, Canada and have been doing quite a bit of research of the Slacks that settled in Canada in the Late 1790’s … the original Slacks seem to be Joseph, Benjamin and William (census from 1806 and Historical records) …. these are the ancestors of Daniel … although the Slacks came up from Vermont it is very difficult to figure out when they actually came over from overseas and whether it was just a stop on the way North (Vermont was a separate County at the time) ….anyway …lots to ponder

  2. Roxann Yates says:

    I am doing research on Katie DeWitt James. I have found only one photo of her tombstone. Is she buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Weatherford? Thank you.

    • wlslack says:

      Hi Roxann,

      I have a wealth of information about Katie that I’ve collected as part of my research. What all have you been able to find, maybe we can help each other.

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